People + People= Connections

Hello granola people,

So excited to be a little more consistently here to share… I mean this is highly unusual for me, but hey it’s definitely good for me.  So today I was thinking about all the connections we make in life. In our families we are automatically connected… but with “outsiders” we have to purposely make these connections… whether it’s a heart connection, intellectual, or spiritual. It is all dependent on us. So what drives us to make these connections? For me it has to be that I really enjoy learning and making relationships with others. When it comes to having close friends I take the “no new friends” approach. I have to best friends and let me tell you they are the VERY best! I am hugely blessed with these two women who are true friends.  Bringing it back to connections. I would say that God created us to have these close relationships with others because we are to sharpen one another through this…

More on this later Granola people. I’m off to binge a show while I think on this and wonder why I can’t eat ice cream and chocolate every day…lol… Oh the randomness of life.

For now granola on…

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