Motivation Has Left the Building

Hello granola people,

I have been procrastinating blogging or conversing with you all. I find myself at times “wanting” to be motivated to blog or do different things… but you know what I realize certain seasons in life are not easy or meant to be those times you get to do certain things. It’s been a day let me tell ya!- I have heard people say that saying and have absolutely loathed it! Now here I am saying it! Well, I just describes what I’m dealing with. Some days I’m super motivated to have my act together… Like workout and eat good… Well, today is the second day of my period. AND IT SUCKS! I realize that this is just my hormones out of whack driving me and everyone else crazy. Today I just wanted to scream at the guy who came in demanding to speak to the doctor and block my boyfriend who made me mad. But I just know I’m being unreasonable and hormonal.  I promise my rainbows and butterflies posts will be back… as soon as I get a lobotomy(insert Angry EMOJI HERE)!

I sure hope you granola people are having a better day than I am.

For now sugar plums and chocoaltes are my friends…


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