Gloomy Day-Ladies ONLY

Granola WOMEN only!

Let me just give fair warning to any brothaaaas in the house this conversation is going to be for my sistaaas not you GUYS. So stay off this one.

Sunday night started off with my period showing it’s ugly face… I mean I’m a terror when it comes to that time of the month. Anyone and everyone will be subject to my wrath and short fuse.. You ladies know exactly what I’m talking about. I also realized this very night that I had placed my credit cards (all of them) and license in my boyfriend’s wallet because I didn’t want to bring my purse with my out… Unfortunately, he lives about 300 miles away! Which means I’m up a creek without a paddle until I get these back!

So this morning I so sweetly asked my boyfriend to send these to me as we will not be seeing each other for a few days.. The man replied in that it’s only a few days and it should be fine. I was so beyond upset as I know the weather will probably be bad which means we won’t be seeing each other for a few weeks ( sister-in-law bridal shower and such for me coming up). So I was SO ANGRY! I couldn’t believe his audacity to tell me that I could wait for my things. Mind you I did tell him I would pay for the priority shipping. But finally he came around and realized how important this was to me and was willing to do this.

Not only did my morning start off SWELL ;( but at work my “favorite” clients came in. We all know those people that just make us want to pretend we just don’t exist… Well, without fail right when we opened up our very first client was the most wretched of them all. Mr. Time Waster… Now let me give you some background knowledge about Mr. TW.. He not only wastes everyone’s time, but cuts into other client’s appointments with nonsense that was not in the SCHEDULE. Zero respect for anyone’s time except his own. Any who, I digress. So of course I had to hem and haw Mr. TW and not respond to him in the way I really wanted to. This was the start to my downright irritated DAY. The next client’s pet took a huge POOP in the lobby so that was just the type of day I was going to have.  I had to say a BIG thank you to everyone who made this day so memorable and quite IRRITATING!

Hey, this is just a small taste of my day. I know for a fact we all have these type of days. I am thankful for this Halo Top Ice- Cream sitting next to me… Because today has truly been a stinky day to say the least.

I’m usually a very positive, happy person but you know what?! Today I just am not and that’s okay.

Thanks for listening to me complain away about my day.

~Granola Girl

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