As I sit here with a number of oils on my face, drinking my green smoothie I think of last weekend.. It was totally fun… I have far too much to share since I’ve been MIA these last couple of weeks… It’s not because I didn’t miss blogging and chatting about my nonsense. It’s really because I’ve been focused on different things… You know when you have those chats with yourself… Like self when you reach this point in life what do you want this to look like things like that…Guess that’s maybe confusing, but all I gotta say is that planning is all a well and good… I have literally been at work thinking of what I want to post… but here’s the deal LIFE HAPPENS… Not like I have this crazy full schedule by any means, but I just get caught in a rut… I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.. SO THAT was just a huge RABBIT trail… So weekend fUN….Hmm… which birthday weekend do I start with?! Well, let’s work our way through the many weekend birthday celebrations…

The boyfriend (Nate) and I spent the weekend in Oregon celebrating… our birthdays are one week  a part which is crazy AMAZING! Any who, I got there Friday night we went to Costco to get some shopping for food that was much needed… We spent the evening watching some Netflix… The next day we went on a beautiful bike ride to some waterfalls! Nate was worried about me going down a trail because let’s face it I’m accident prone… I could tell you so many stories involving some time of heated instrument (curling iron, pan)… You would be like HOW?! But let’s not get into that right now… I am sorry to say I definitely did a number on my right leg which I’m still paying for… It was fun and worth all the pain and agony lol….

I’m thinking this post is far too long to continue so as I say GRANOLA PEOPLE carry on! Be back with a part 2 that hopefully is new to you:0).



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