Social Media Say WHAT?!

Hello hello my fellow granolians!!!

I woke up this morning looked at my starbucks app… I know I just became one of those people who has one of those… why you ask? Well, it’s convenient and I wanted to try their new plant protein, date, banana, cold brew drink… I drove to starbucks picked up my drink.. I drove to work and lone and behold the drink was GROSS!!! I’ve made close to the same drink at home and it was nothing like this drink! This drink had zero flavor… So I would advice you not to get this drink…


I recently realized I need to get an Instagram… For those of you who are social media gurus I applaud all your efforts… because for me I’m totally a beginner in every sense of the word.  I mean this blog thing is completely new to me. I just figure if you are gunna do it you don’t need the credentials you just like NIKE says JUST DO IT! The only way you will ever see if you succeed or not. So here I am taking those baby steps to start one… Hopefully, I can get some vibrant content for you all to enjoy!

Happy Thursday GRANOLA PEOPLE!Placeholder Image

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