Cloudy with a chance of Sunny


Do you ever feel like when you are sharing a story or your feelings with a friend that they just don’t get it?! I’ve experienced this in many ways.. Or they take the opportunity to insult you… but maybe just maybe they don’t know what they did… So how do we approach this? How do we say hey how you responded or how you made me feel wasn’t kind?.. I guess it’s all a part of growing in our relationships. Ever thought what if your friends don’t respond well to how they made you feel. Well, then maybe they just aren’t the right kind of people…realizing that you show people how to treat you and your boundaries are based upon what you allow.Ā  Surround yourself with sunny, caring people who lift you up and continually strength you in the person Christ called you to be.

And yes, I know this is not a typical granola girl post, but sometimes you just gotta be real & honest..:)


1 thought on “Cloudy with a chance of Sunny”

  1. It’s time to get movin and live real like you said. Real in kindness, give people room to just be. Time to think on what is ” true, lovely, pure, and any good report”. Satan wants us to focus on the one thing that can cause us to backslide or slip into disaster.. But God– He calls us to remember on all that is true, keeping our eyes on the prize of Jesus, keeps our eyes on the direction He is preparing a way for us!! Remember that we humans have emotions and that they come an go. Let us not let our emotions be used by the evil one to take our eyes off of the TRUE prize, which is the GOOD truth that God has set before us to live and walk in! Good people are not castaways.. They are worth the time, patience, understanding, love… can I repeat patience?? lol.. Jesus doesn’t just toss us away every time we have a blow out.. (like a tire people..get your mind out of the gutter.. lolšŸ˜‹)…. Be kind. Be lovely. Be understanding.. as God loves us, love one another!šŸŒ…

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