Just Married Part 1

Hello my fellow granolians,


As I sit here in the living room thinking of all the memories that have been and are soon to be made this Summer, I think of my best friend’s wedding! It started in beautiful Idaho! The weather was not nearly as warm as Oregon area. I flew in late and was expecting some warm weather when what was to greet me was decently chilly weather. The next day we all went off to a well-known amusement park. I have been to a few amusement parks here and there, but this one was especially pretty… I am not one to think that an amusement park can be called this, but this one was! There was beautiful landscaping and flowers dripping everywhere. It reminded me of a small village. We of course stopped to get coffee before we hit the park! At the park I couldn’t believe how fearful I was to get on rides… I kid you not, after one ride with my eyes sealed shut I could not stomach any more! I was happy to hold everyone’s purses and take pictures:0).Ā  All in all it was a very fun day! Most importantly the bride had a ton of fun! And of course the evening ended with silly sing alongs and some card games:0).Ā  Many memories were made that I will never forget.

Thanks for stopping by my granola people:0)!

Part two of Just mArRiEd will be up soon enough!

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