Hello my granolians!

I am so excited to get back on the blogging train! I have to say if you read my last post FROM MIA TO BACK IN ACTION, I am so ready to be BACK!

I know I talk about food on here and ways to be healthy, but I found myself wanting to try something different… I have been hearing so much about this way of eating called ketogenic. I always thought it would be silly to limit yourself so strictly on carbohydrates as I want to LIVE not be obsessive over what I eat. But then in the words of my mother “you can’t knock it until you try it”.  The thought with keto is that you get most of your dietary intake from fat and protein. The carbohydrates must by 20 grams a day! Yoy can also do below 50 grams as this puts some bodies into ketosis. I know that little of carbohydrates sounds absolutely crazy! The idea is that your body will enter ketosis which means it will start using your fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates. This is a way in which you can jump start any weight you would like to lose.

I have found that most days I do well with the keto diet as long as I am one who enjoys eating pretty much the same thing most days.  This works well for me! Some days I certainly enjoy myself and have what I would like, but I don’t go to crazy! If you decide to try the keto diet please know that you may feel pretty tired and somewhat lethargic the first week as your body needs time to adjust. I’ll update you on my keto journey as I continue this:).

Have a fantastic weekend granolians:0)


2 thoughts on “KETO DIET… SAY WHAT?!”

  1. this is very helpful info!! Really get a proactive vibe for all things good!! Thank you so much bc I NEED positive goodness– food, friends, fellowship- in my life!!


    1. Thanks you so much Lightinf fires for Jesus Christ! I’m
      so glad it filled your cup for the day! please keep on podcasting! Your pods help so many! I’m so excited to see what you do next!!


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