Hello Granola people,

I haven’t been much of a blogger lately… I’ve definitely been MIA… With family events, friend visits, best friend’s wedding, brother’s surprise proposal and boyfriend vacation  this SUMMER has been pretty crazy. So here I am back in action ready to share with you my life happenings.

Let’s start with my best friend’s wedding in Idaho. We spent one of the days at a amusement park. On our way there we had to stop to get some COFFEE! I can’t tell you how much I love coffee. If it were a man I would probably married it… but here’s the thing I like coffee with coconut milk and some type of sweetener so some may call me a “not a true coffee fanatic” but I beg to differ… So back to the amusement park… where we rode some water and non-water rides. I used to be a dare devil when it came to rides… but as of most recently I just can’t do rides. Why you ask? I think I have decided that well I just don’t like the feeling of almost dying! I mean who does:/.. Well, there are those who are adrenalin junkies… Which is totally awesome if you like that sort of thing.  Sorry just got off on a tangent, but if you read my blog you know I tend to do that.  Amusement park day was totally fun and enjoyed by all. Our car rides to and from where filled with music and dancing. Gotta get some goofy, fun in there… It was a great wedding which I will share more about in the next POST! SOOOO many things to share with you all!

MORE TO COME on all my LIFE happenings!


Have a great day granola people:0)

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