Help Meet

Hello my granola people,

Here I am on this glorious Memorial Day weekend soaking in my day off!  I woke up did a few odds and ends as I went to the clinic to water the plants and check inventory… If you didn’t already know I manage an animal hospital. Any who, I have been wanting to get my hands on some good books lately. No, not the fictional kind or the feel good kind… The kind of books that make you think about life and how to better yourself. I’m not talking about those self help books that everyone says YOU MUST READ because they will enlighten you…:o)


Soooo I used to be a connoisseur of books, but lately I have been not one to sit down and read. Life has been a little on the hectic side. I have been thinking if I wanted to busy my life a little more because there are so many things I’d love to do. I think I am just not one of those people that wants to run from one thing to the next. I honestly, need down time… like that is a HUGE deal for me. My life is pretty full right now from my boyfriend to my family to work… So I was thinking in between this busyness I can read a book… Out of my dusty drawer, I found this book Preparing to be a Helpmate by Debi Pearl. I have to say this book is very interesting. It helps define your role in marriage as a godly wife, helpmate, and servant to Christ… No, this book does not suggest that we as women are to be servants to our family. It actually builds women up in their role as a strong part of the intricate interweaving in the family grid. So what does this mean? The whole message is that we are to support our husband in their authority and leading of the family unit. It is in thought and action we do this.

I am definitely not a married woman, but I want to understand my someday role. I want to be what God calls me to be in that role. To be a strong help meet you must have a strong leader (husband).  Marriage is a true picture of Christ & the church. I’m still doing quite a bit of research on this, but WOW so much to learn! I think I’ll do a post on this help meet business… WOAH, there’s a lot that goes into this role! I’ll fill you in once I’m a little more familiar what all this means!

Please, please share if you have any good reads!

Happy reading granola people!

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