Staycation Tennis Style

Good evening granola people,

As I sit here on the back porch I think of last weekend… I spent it with my awesome boyfriend Nathan. We both decided to take a Friday off of work in advance to spend a long weekend together. This was our stay-cation weekend! If you didn’t know we are in a long distance relationship.. I mean if 4 hours counts as long distance;0). I know many who are in true long distance relationships where the couple has to fly to visit one another. Luckily, we do not have this hurdle. My usual weekly routine involves driving up to visit, but some weekends I am not able to. This weekend I left right after work on Thursday. On this evening I got there relatively late so as we usually do we watched a movie.  Friday morning started with a delicious beef, veggie frittata then we went to one of our favorite spots to bike. It was our first bike ride together… Nathan was impressed with my biking skills;0) I have to say I was very lucky not to fall over and scrape my legs against the many rocks we road by… It was a bit of a narrow trail in a few spots, but totally worth it. That day we really wanted to play some tennis. We had been talking about it for months and the weather was finally nice enough to head out! But then the rain came almost rained on our parade… We don’t mind a little rain, but a torrential downpour may have put a damper on our day. We played the afternoon away in the rain.. let me tell you it started to rain pretty good, but it didn’t matter to us because we were enjoying our time together.  This weekend was full of many laughs and lots of tennis. We continued to play tennis the rest of the weekend… who would have thought tennis would have become something we love to do together. I think the best times are spent with the people that God gives us doing something active in His creation. I am thankful for loved ones and good times.

Have a wonderful weekend my granolians. I hope you can get out and enjoy your loved ones:)!IMG_7517

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