Hello from sunny Pacific NORTHWEST!

This beautiful, sunny weather has been making me crave SUMMER TIME! I just love living in tevas and shorts! Have I told you how much I LOVE my tevas?! I’m completely crazy about them. My feet are so comfy and ready for any type of outdoor excursion… Which let’s be honest isn’t much of a “excursion” rather a nice hike or walk.:0) That was all complete off topic.. Here’s what we are really talking about today.. OILS! The kind you can use on your face! I have to thank my Mom for being up on these type of natural remedies! Without her I would have never gotten into the face oils:0) Every night I put an oil concoction on my face. My mixture is for healing, scarring, clarity, and acne. I don’t think I have discussed my struggle with acne in the past,  but we will do a post on that soon:).  What is really exciting about making your own is that you can choose oils based upon your skin concerns.

I use jojoba oil, grapefruit oil, lemon oil, and frankincense. Jojoba oil is a fantastic carrier oil for those of us who do not want to clog our pores and it absorbs easily into the skin.  Lemon oil is good for continual healing and essentially lightening of any residue of scarring you have behind . Grapefruit oil helps to kill any bacteria left behind after washing your face:). Frankincense helps to preserve the elasticity and youth. It also helps with sun spots:0) I feel like these oils have improved my skin. I don’t break out after using them and my skin looks healthier for it! pexels-photo-672051.jpegSo ladies if you are looking to improve your skin invest in oils! You won’t regret it!



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