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Hiking Memories

Hello my granolians!

I have so many fond memories from my childhood going hiking with the family. I grew up in a pretty active family. We like to go take our bikes out, go out hiking, or exploring. As I have gotten older, I have continued this with my boyfriend and friends. Luckily for me, he enjoys all things outdoorsy!  So on any weekend you can probably guess we will be hiking somewhere in the PNW! There are so many beautiful trails to go out and hike! If you can pack your hiking bag with a few fruits, nutz, and some water then you will for sure be set for a day of exploring! I don’t know about you, but enjoying a beautiful day out in nature with loved ones sounds pretty fun to me!





1 thought on “Hiking Memories”

  1. Love love love squared infinity!!!!!
    Keep the happy-filled writing going. I’m lovin’ it!! Adds some happy to my day and puts a giddy in my up!!!!!😊😘😘😘


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