Midnight Packing

holiday-trip-packaging-8434.jpgHello my granolians,

So I have struggled with this dilemma… packing… For any trip at all I can not seem to get myself to pack ahead or pack before the clock strikes midnight! A few times a month I go visit my boyfriend which means PACKING clothes and all my girly items. I should add, I tend to pack WAY too much! I can’t help, but think what if I need this or that.  I happen to think this  about every “just in case” item.  How does one go about packing earlier or changing this habit?! Well, I personally think that I would commence my packing a bit before the trip. It’s easier said than done. I truly enjoy packing at night… The dilemma is made when I procrastinate and end up packing far too late at night which means I end up missing out on some sleep. I mean a girl has got to get her sleep! If you know me then you know I love sleep, but at the same time I am a complete night owl… so I’m gunna try to fix my ways… I mean it would be great to pack earlier than my habit of midnight packing! I would feel less stressed and well rested. So you ask how am I to defeat this!? I think packing a bit earlier or a few days before may just be exactly what this girl needs. Happy packing ladies. I know I’m gunna need to REALLY try to not procrastinate! So many benefits! So little time.


Your Midnight Packer,


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