“Let’s Get Jacked”

Hello my granolians,

I’m sure by the title you are like whaaaat this girl trying to do?! Well, I’m definitely not “getting jacked” (super lean machine). It’s something my boyfriend and I tease each other about… When we talk about working out we ask one another, “you gunna get jacked?” It’s a little goofy insight to out fun loving relationship. Let me tell you he is one funny man. Love that guy. Side tracked! I warned you I just can’t help myself!.. but I figured you should know why the title.. If I could insert a shrug shoulder emoji at this point I most definitely would lol.. Ever see the Emoji movie? Wait, sidetracked yet again! OKAY, getting back to the actual post..

So I love to do research on anything health related. I mean why not be the best you or me?! So the big thing I’ve been trying to figure out for myself is what type of workouts would be best for me? I’ve tried it all… The let’s do cardio for hours thing and everything else in between… I mean I see all these people lately who are really loving the heavy weight workouts. I kind of tried this for a bit and I truly did enjoy it, but felt like my body was looking less like me… If that makes any sense :0). So I did a little research and found high intensity body weight workouts… I saw how this helps burns fat and create lean muscle… I thought to myself why not try it?! It’s been almost three weeks and I am loving it! I feel like my body has gotten leaner and firmer in this short of time. I should also say I eat very healthy… I mean ALLERGIES kindaaa force this… and I just love eating my veggies and eggs… We will discuss food in another post;0).




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